Mentorship: Learn from (but especially with) others

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Are you eager to improve your public speaking skills with someone more experienced ? 🎓🎤 #munichbusinesspakers mentoring program is a great opportunity to do that! Naomi & Estelle have been working together and really much enjoy the process 👭🏼 Want to find out more about mentoring and public speaking 👏🏼? Then be our guest ! We have hybrid meetings so you can either join online or offline …

Great speech: Three ideas to help us achieve a more positive mindset

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Peter Hall recently inspired us with three ideas to help us achieve a more positive mindset ☀️ From going to bed with your 3 things that you are grateful for, avoiding negative people and turning misfortunes and failures into a positive narrative, Peter gave a 7 minutes speech describing what has worked for him personally 🎤 Want to hear other great …

Welcome to the new officers!

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Today starts officially the new Officers Team Munich Business Speakers 🥰 President & VP Membership: Jason FranklinVP Education: Anoop KodakkalVP Membership & Treasurer: Kristin SiegelVP Public Relations: Estelle PlacesSecretary: Nina Ivana KallweitSergeant at arms & Last President: Naomi Susan Isaacs – international charisma consultant Welcome to the new team and wishing you all the best for this year 🚀 Stay tuned for further informations regarding our club 🤗 #toastmasters#publicspeaking

Last meeting was very special 👌🏼:

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Naomi Susan Isaacs – international charisma consultant was for the last time this year our president. Thank you so much to you and your team 😚Her last words will remain: “You need to care about people. Your real job as a leader is to show appreciation for your team and involve everyone to make decisions” 💯  Also, last night was the …

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“Practice, practice, practice” – Interview with Meisam

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Meisam is our past previous president. A lot of people remember his journey with the Munich Business Speakers. One member recalls “I was able to observe how, over time and practice, a timid young man gained confidence and developed charismatic stage presence.” Meisam continued his journey to this day with us. Today, he tells us about his major breakthrough  as well …

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“Public Speaking: eine ganz normale Sache” – Interview mit Raphael Schildgen

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Raphael Schildgen ist Coach für Public Speaking und Breakdancer.  Dieses Jahr wird er bei TEDx in Kufstein auftreten und erzählen, wie er anhand dieser beiden Leidenschaften anderen hilft, ihre Ängste vor öffentlichem Reden zu überwinden.  Am 17.09 wird Raphael diese Rede bei unserem Club-Meeting präsentieren. Vorab ein Interview über seinen Werdegang, Wünsche für die Zukunft sowie wirksame Tipps, die öffentliche Rede zu …

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How to choose a topic for your next speech?

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Are you struggling to find a topic for your next speech. In this post, I will guide you through the process of selecting a topic and preparing for your next speech. If you aren´t a Toastmaster member yet, check out our schedule and sign up as a guest for our next meeting. 1. Introspection: This is the first step of …

Claudia Schulte M.I.T. Kraft

Sprache im Spannungsfeld der Kommunikation

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Der heutige Beitrag wurde verfasst vom Munich Business Speakers Mitglied Claudia Schulte. Claudia ist sowohl ein erfahrener Coach als auch Gründungs- und Unternehmensberaterin. Weitere Kontaktdetails sind am Ende des Artikels gelistet.   [divider_line]   Sprache im Spannungsfeld der Kommunikation   Die Wirkungskraft von Wort und Sprache Unsere Sprache ist ein mächtiges Kommunikationsmittel, das wir gezielt für den Austausch mit unseren …

MBS Meeting recap – Practice speaking at Eine-Welt-Haus

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Last Thursday the Munich Business speakers held their 2-weekly meeting in the Eine-Welt-Haus to practice speaking. As so often we had some great subjects and a very good take on highly diverse Subject. Our inital warmup-phase was this time presented in a pro and contra manner of discussion featuring four subject to which each two of our members had to …