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  • Do you sometimes tend to speak too fast during presentations?

    🙋🏼‍♀️ in this video, Kristin Siegel explains how joining Munich Business Speakers- a Toastmasters club- has helped her to vary her speaking pace and vocal variety 👀Curious? Wanting to find out more about our club in general? Then be our guest, we meet the 1st and 3d Thursday of the month 🤗

  • Internationaler Redewettbewerb

    🚨Save the date🚨 Am 3.03 findet wieder unser Contest statt: Internationaler Redewettbewerb in Englisch und Redewettbewerb auf Deutsch 🗓 🚀 Eine großartige Erfahrung sowohl als Wettkämpfer als auch als Organisator oder Wettbewerbsrichter  🏆 Wer bei den jeweiligen Wettbewerben gewinnt, vertritt unseren Club auf Area Level und tritt gegen die Gewinner:innen anderer Clubs an. 👀Curious? Wanting […]

  • Learn how to make your anxiety a positive feeling for public speaking!

    👉 Link: Are you feeling anxious whenever you need to present a subject in front of several people – especially at work? 🙈😱 In this video our president Jason Franklin indicates how joining #MunichBusinessSpeakers has helped him manage his anxiety and make it a positive feeling 🙌✅ Are you wondering why a public speaking club such as #MunichBusinessSpeakers could be […]

  • Mentorship: Learn from (but especially with) others

    Mentorship: Learn from (but especially with) others

    Are you eager to improve your public speaking skills with someone more experienced ? 🎓🎤 #munichbusinesspakers mentoring program is a great opportunity to do that! Naomi & Estelle have been working together and really much enjoy the process 👭🏼 Want to find out more about mentoring and public speaking 👏🏼? Then be our guest ! We have hybrid meetings so you can […]

  • Great speech: Three ideas to help us achieve a more positive mindset

    Great speech: Three ideas to help us achieve a more positive mindset

    Peter Hall recently inspired us with three ideas to help us achieve a more positive mindset ☀️ From going to bed with your 3 things that you are grateful for, avoiding negative people and turning misfortunes and failures into a positive narrative, Peter gave a 7 minutes speech describing what has worked for him personally 🎤 […]

  • Welcome to the new officers!

    Welcome to the new officers!

    Today starts officially the new Officers Team Munich Business Speakers 🥰 President & VP Membership: Jason FranklinVP Education: Anoop KodakkalVP Membership & Treasurer: Kristin SiegelVP Public Relations: Estelle PlacesSecretary: Nina Ivana KallweitSergeant at arms & Last President: Naomi Susan Isaacs – international charisma consultant Welcome to the new team and wishing you all the best for this year 🚀 Stay tuned for further […]

  • Last meeting was very special 👌🏼:

    Last meeting was very special 👌🏼:

    Naomi Susan Isaacs – international charisma consultant was for the last time this year our president. Thank you so much to you and your team 😚Her last words will remain: “You need to care about people. Your real job as a leader is to show appreciation for your team and involve everyone to make decisions” 💯  […]

  • “Practice, practice, practice” – Interview with Meisam

    “Practice, practice, practice” – Interview with Meisam

    Meisam is our past previous president. A lot of people remember his journey with the Munich Business Speakers. One member recalls “I was able to observe how, over time and practice, a timid young man gained confidence and developed charismatic stage presence.” Meisam continued his journey to this day with us. Today, he tells us about […]

  • Reden vor Publikum – auch im Wettbewerb

    Reden vor Publikum: das ist es, was alle Toastmasters üben wollen, und Viele von uns schon recht gut beherrschen. Im Wettbewerb ist das Reden vor Publikum noch schwieriger. Auf der Area-Ebene waren unsere beiden Mitglieder Bernhard Slominski und Bernhard Wondra (Foto von rechts) erfolgreich und haben in ihrer Kategorie Platz 1 belegt. Die Munich Business […]

  • Next Club Event on February 5th

    The next Club Evening will be taking place on february  5th, as always 7 p. m., Location: Freiraum, Saarstr.5 (1st floor), Munich Schwabing (nearby Underground Station Hohenzollernplatz). Guests are always invited to pass by.