Follow the International Convention live

[image title=”Toastmasters International Convention 2011″ align=”right” icon=”zoom” lightbox=”true” width=”300″ autoHeight=”true”][/image]Dear Toastmasters and Guests,

The biggest Toastmaster event of the year – the 2011 Toastmasters International Convention – takes place from August 17th to August 20th. For the first time in History, you can follow it live.

Follow the Board Briefing – August 17th at 1pm (PDT) = 22:00 our time (CEST)

Follow the World Championship of Public Speaking, August 20th at 8am (PDT) = 23:00 our time (CEST)

You can lean a lot by following these events. Especially the World Championship of Public Speaking gives every Speaker the opportunity to see, absorb and reflect on high quality speeches and the art of creating them.

Have fun while watching!

Best wishes,


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