MBS Meeting recap – Practice speaking at Eine-Welt-Haus

Last Thursday the Munich Business speakers held their 2-weekly meeting in the Eine-Welt-Haus to practice speaking.

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As so often we had some great subjects and a very good take on highly diverse Subject.

Our inital warmup-phase was this time presented in a pro and contra manner of discussion featuring four subject to which each two of our members had to to form their thought in spontaneous one minute speeches. This helps us to practice speaking without knowing the subject beforehand and improvise a small speech.

Last Meetings program

Our prepared speeches were this time presented on following topics by our MBS – members

  • “Chance und Risiko” – A speech on the human perception on statistics and how we are sometimes mislead by our own mind. (Competent Communication Manual #8 – Get Comfortable With Visual Aids)
  • “Mein 10. Gerburtstag” – A repeat Icebreaker-Speech from a member who has now been with the Munich Business Speakers for 10 (!!!) years – cudos! (Competent Communication Manual #1 – The Ice Breaker)
  • “Dangerous Waters” – A speech about the sinking of the Lusitania (Competent Communication Manual #7 – Research Your Topic)
  • “Frankreich” – Reciting the infamous speech by Giovanni Trappatoni in 1996 during his time as Bayern München coach (Interpretive Reading #5 – The Oratorical Speech)

As so often we also had some great evaluations speeches for the speakers – objective as also subjective.

The recital of Giovanni Trappatonis speech was dedicated to our evening grammarian… He truly had his fun with this one.

Concluding the evening

It has been a great evening with wonderful and interesting speeches. We all learned a lot (again). Afterward we sat down for a drink at the adjoining Biergarten at the “Eine Welt Haus” and talked about the evening and subject at hand – proving once again that the meeting after the meeting is just as valuable.

If you are interested in visiting us and check out how our evenings work you are invited to come by the next time.

Next Meeting

cbkOur next meeting will take place on August 4th at 7:00 pm in the Freiraumzentrum (Saalstrasse 5, Munich).

Guests are warmly welcome!

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