Next meeting with educational “beginning of a speech”

Our next meeting will have 3 exciting speeches and also an educational speech. For those of you who don’t know, educationals are an 10-15 minutes speech which is emphasizing one special aspect of a speech in general (e.g. the end, the topic, or the structure) The speaker will explain the theory of this aspect and advise you how to improve your next speech. This time, our president Thomas Hoffmann will teach us how to start your speech properly, even more he seems to limit it to the very “first 10 seconds” which is also his speech title. As always, we invite guests to join our meetings. (No preperation necessary)


What: Munich Business Speakers meeting with Educational by Thomas Hoffmann (The beginning of a speech, “the first 10 seconds”)

Where:  Freiraum, Saarstr. 5, 80797 München

When: 7 pm

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